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Love Is

Love is
Lost Together
Your perfect hat
It’s tiny kisses on my cheek

Love is
Holding hands
Our inside jokes
It’s coffee each day of the week

Love is
Boundless encouragement
Late night chats
It’s the peace you bring to my heart

Love is
Time together
And the comforting knowledge
That you miss me when we’re apart

Love is
Kitchen hugs
Being told I’m lovely
It’s your hands upon my face

Love is
Surviving anger
Battling my mood swings
It’s your patience and your grace

Love is
Tears of laughter
Our trust in each other
It’s the day we said I do

Love is
Our beautiful home
The child we created
Love simply my dear is you.



Paper Love

wrote this for my daughter and it was published in Bread 'n Molasses magazine.

Late September
3 months to go
Christmas thoughts come early
In her room
Small hands work busily
Cutting carefully
Clipping paper
Not wee fingers
Red, green, purple
White, blue, brown
Different shapes
Odd shapes
Placed gently into piles
Paper for Santa she says
So he can make crafts
And she smiles
A simple explanation
For a generous offering

4 years old
Anxious and happy
The bag of paper love
Sits next to the
Milk and Cookies
With a note explaining
Her gift
To him
Christmas morning
Soft running
On carpeted stairs
A note lies beside
The empty plate
She is pleased
Santa is happy
He promises to makes crafts
For his workshop
A tradition is born

Next September
A new room
Slightly bigger  
Busy hands
Clip and create
A new bag of paper
For Santa
To be left
On a different mantel
With the same feelings
5 years old
Delighted at Christmas
At the missing paper
At the craft left by Santa
It’s a Christmas Tree
Full of colour
And joy
Like her

Christmas time
6 years
7 years
8 years old
His Paper waits
With his cookies
Genuine wonder at the
The Angel
The Polar Bear
The Rabbit
All created by Santa
With paper
With love
With the gift
From a sweet girl
Who wanted to give
To Someone
Who gives to


Lights Out

"Mummy, look at the sky." 
The mother does
And shudders
Shafts of light
Stand at attention
From the ground to the sky
They greet the stars with out-stretched fingers
Fondle their cold glint
Distract their watch

Smoke from chimneys billows out of homes
But it will not dissipate
It does not drift away
It hangs in the air
Unable to rise into the misty night
The stars are too busy
To warm in the fumes
They push down the ash blankets

They watch
The mother and daughter
The smoke tumbles like soft cotton
Rolls down the brick stacks
And embraces the houses in the night
They watch
The mother and daughter
The light becomes brighter
Shafts of brilliance grow colder
And feeds on the eyes of the night

In their home
The daughter
Performs her nighttime routine
Pajamas on
Face washed
Teeth brushed
A good night song
Dolls tucked tight
"I love you sweetie."
Lights out.

The mother waits
The father comes home
Half dazed
Half scared
The light and smoke
The fumes
The cold
They know it is here

They ready themselves for the night
Creep into the daughter's room
She sleeps soundly
Sleeps through the switch to their bed
A kiss for each other
A kiss for the daughter
The three of them cling to one another
In the centre of the bed

The mother
The father
Feel the world go darker
They fall into deep slumber
And sleep
Through the end of the world

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