Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things of Randomness regarding Me that you may or may not know ...or care about....that add up to 25

Hello my fine Blog Fans

Over the past couple of days on Facebook, a few of my friends have participated in the note of "25 Things about Me". Well, not about me, but about themselves. I suppose I could post a note like this on Facebook (or not do it at all! I mean I'm sure you're not being kept awake at night by NOT knowing 25 random facts about me...or maybe you are...if you are, please seek professional help)but since I have this Blog here, I figured I may as well use it. So here goes.

25 "Facts" about me...

That's not a good start. You will now think that I'm not being honest because of the quotation marks around "Facts"...OK, 25 "interesting" facts about yours truly. Oh and the order has nothing to do with how important these facts are or how important they are to your well being, or how interesting they are or how important they are to me. Here goes.

1. I LOVE acting. I will do almost anything on stage and be anybody (so long as it doesn't involve naughty acts with animals or stripping), BUT I am terrified of being myself on stage.

2. I HATE it when people use quotation marks for emphasis. Here is a real example I witnessed on a customer's order while working at the UPS store a while back:
-Hoodies "In Stock". ( hurts)

3. My daughter and I are so much alike that it frightens me. Even her hand gestures and the looks she gives her father...scary. Sean is thrilled because he often gets told the same thing in stereo.

4. My husband makes me laugh more easily and more often then anyone else I know.

5. I LOVE CORNER GAS!!! I watch all the seasons (except the current one because we don't have cable) over and over and over again. I put it on when I'm cleaning, when I'm writing, when I'm lonely, when I'm blue. It's my comfort show.

6. I can't stand the Shrek movies. There! I said it!!! Many of you will probably stop reading now as you will be too shocked to continue, but there you have it...they make me want to tear my eyes out and shove them (my eyes) in my ears.

7. I have a fantastic relationship with my parents AND my in laws. I'm very lucky.

8. Wine makes me a better mother. When I'm at someone's house, there's nothing like a glass of wine (or 3) to help stop the micro managing instinct I have. Happiness lies in a glass of fermented grape juice.

9. I LOVE to sing. If I had half the confidence in my singing ability that I have in my acting ability, I would willingly sing in public.

10. I've seen NKOTB in concert twice...on the same year. Ottawa, March 1990 and Ottawa, Aug 1990. I have no desire to see them now that they've made a come back. Perhaps if they'd come back with something new...but sadly...they didn't.

11. I am always shocked by cleavage. Truly. You see it all the time in magazines and in movies! Celebrities just FALLING out of their cloths for the masses! Or showing up at awards shows with their fathers in tow and FALLING out of their dresses!! But when I see it in real life, perhaps at my job or in a restaurant or the lady washing my hair at the hair dressers, I'm shocked! I get embarrassed! I end staring intently into their eyes to the point of eye strain and tears lest my glance go southward! However....

12. At the same time I am a little bit jealous of woman are comfortable enough with themselves to show cleavage. It's just not something I can ever see myself doing without being totally self conscious.

13. My favourite band is an the Australian band Icehouse. They are extremely diverse. Their lead singer Iva Davies is an incredibly talented musician.

14. My favourite album currently is KD Langs "Hymns of the 49th Parallel". I listen to it over and over and never tire of it.

15. I was a bully for a short period in grade 4 to a girl named Kaelen Nelson. I am profoundly sorry for the way I treated her and wish I could apologize to her.

16. I used the "It's not you, it's me" line twice in my lifetime, but I wasn't using it as a line. I really, really meant it. However, I never fully explained why I was saying it to the 2 people I said it to as I was too embarrassed and ashamed. Rich Holt and Matt Levinson, I am truly sorry.

17. I have horrid arachnophobia and am scared of spiders almost as much as I am of dying.

18. I use to be extremely shy and acting was a way to put that aside for a while. I'm still shy now, but usually only in group situations. Put me in a group of people I only sort of know or don't know at all and most likely my ability for conversation ceases to exist. I'm a dry well. I sit there wracking my brain for something to say while I grind my teeth. I probably come across as very snooty, but really, I do want to talk! I've just gone blank.

19. I coloured my hair various shades of red and auburn for 14 years. When I stopped almost 2 years ago, no one noticed.

20. I'm a sucker for cover albums. You haven't heard anything until you've heard The Wiggles version of AC/DC's "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll".

21. I usually go to bed feeling guilty about something I've said to my daughter.

22. If it wouldn't eventually kill me, I would SLATHER butter on almost everything I ate. That's right, SLATHER.

23. I really don't like Vegetables. I never get a craving for a big bowl of anything leafy and I only eat them because if I DON'T, that will eventually kill me. To me veg tastes like metal. Yum.

24. I am often moved to tears by music. It could be because of the chord it's in, or the instrument that's being used, or the sound of the singers voice or the lyrics...all of these or any one of these will bring on the tears.

25. I am often very critical of my appearance, but I can honestly say without vanity or conceit, that I really like the colour of my eyes. Do you know what colour they are?

And there you have it...25 facts about me. Actually, if you go through the list very carefully, I mean study it and become one with it, you will discover a lot more then 25 facts about me. Truly amazing I know.

Delight in Cin!


Doug Trevors said...

I want to comment but where to start...

Foster said...

enjoyed your list cindy! i just read darlene's 25 list (brian's girlfriend) and enjoyed that as well! i often refer to the bully episode of kaelen nelson myself, as i still feel guilty about it...or maybe i feel bad about getting in trouble from ms. warren about it...nonetheless, it put an end to my bullying days and i despise bullying now...
oh, did you hear about our lice travails? do tell you say? well, january was a month to remember, i'll say that!
oh, the "quotes" think cracked me up as aunt always puts them on cards (birthday, etc.) and it drives me nuts!
adios for now,

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Anonymous said...

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