Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fall of Coffee

Tuesday, I think...I started to write Saturday...yes, Tuesday, Sept. 22/2009


I'm sitting at my computer willingly eating breakfast, and while stomach is happy for this unexpected early intake of food, my head is none too pleased...Today, I'm quitting coffee...

I love coffee...love it...it fills me with a sense of well being, comfort and...another word similar to those 2 concepts I've laid out. But lately, I've been thinking that perhaps it's time to make a change. I spend A LOT of money on coffee, and cream and sugar. And let's face it people I'm addicted to coffee. This is starting to make me uncomfortable. Plus, I'm pretty sure all the cream and sugar I put in my morning cup of love goes straight to my backside. So, this morning I thought "Well, I like tea, and I can drink tea with milk. Tea has the caffeine buzz that makes me feel so fine so why not give it a go."

Sigh...not so much...I felt like I had gut rot after the first 2 sips. Usually tea agrees with me, but not today so...I decided to go big or go home; cutting out caffeine entirely. And for your reading displeasure, I will be popping onto the entry throughout the day to record the process of "The Fall of Coffee". (a good name considering it is the first day of Fall)

So, it is now


I feel like I haven't slept, like my eyes are just sort of floating in their sockets, my head is heavy, but hey...I ate breakfast this morning because I really wanted to!! Coffee usually tells me..."Nah...you're good. We can do without food until at least 11:00." Ok, it's now time to pack up and head to work...where many varieties of caffeinated products abound and where there is a Tim's down the road! NO!!! I can do this!!

9:39 AM

I am at work…my head is reeling…the florescent lights are killing me eyes and I’m hungry again! I need coffee!! I’m trying to remember why I’m doing this…


Is it really so bad to have one vice????


Good gravy...I could fall asleep in my chair...I'll go sweep. You know sweep? With a broom? I wasn't saying sleep in baby talk...just want to be clear.


Help me!!!


Well...I could try to cut out the sugar...This is sad...I've been up for 4 hours, only 4 hours and I feel like I've deprived myself of this dark nectar of the Gods for days.


It's over...I can't take it...I actually have heartburn from NOT having coffee...bring it on!!


Coffee is brewing...Coffee: 1...Cindy: 0...I'm quite disturbed that not having a coffee has a horrible effect on my brain, but I'll never get any work done if I don't have some! So...sorry had to yawn...I'll carry on with this vice for now...maybe cut out a sugar or 2 and not worry about my backside. I exercise, that should help the ol' rear view, but if I don't get any coffee, I'll sleep more, do less and tell me,what good will that do anyone!!! I NEED COFFEE!!


Ahhh.....coffee...but it's weird without sugar...But my head isn't reeling quite as much and I'll be able to function now. Moderation is the key. I'm trying not to feel like a failure...I mean I went less then 5 waking hours without coffee...that shouldn't have been difficult, but it was.


I’ve had 2 cups of coffee (one with 2 creams and no sugar and one with 3 milks and 1 sugar) and I’ve got to tell you…I feel super! I can’t believe how clear my head feels, how awake I am, how horribly addicted I am to coffee!


I will not dwell on this for too long. Quitting anything cold turkey is ludicrous. I enjoy coffee! I believe that you could say that I don't just love coffee, I'm IN love with coffee, it makes me happy, I makes me warm, it relaxes me…and stains my teeth…But it’s my comfort drink! (even more then WINE!) In conclusion it would appear my "Fall of Coffee" turned rabidly into "Fall off the Coffee Wagon."


Until next time,
enjoy, like I do, at least one


Anonymous said...

Drink black coffee. Milk and sugar spoils the taste of coffee anyways.


`Nuff said.

- Blaine

-j- said...

Like anything else, milk/sugar are a matter of preference.
When I lived in Okinawa Japan, I discovered that the locals drink their coffee with lots of both, which took some getting used to!
And, of course, it's impolite to turn it down.
If it's nice & smooth, with low acidity, I don't mind it black, but like a little 1/2 & 1/2.
And a mocha made at home with my cheap is espresso machine is wonderful in the morning; I substitute 1/2 the sugar with xylitol when mixing the cocoa for a few less calories.

Don Pepino, once said...

Ooo, you made Metafilter, blue nectar of the Internet gods! Now listen, you can cut out the sugar. It is done thus:
throw out milk and half 'n' half and get in some expensive heavy cream, the kind that claims it's from delighted cows and leaves a butter slick on the top of the cup. Then reduce sugar gradually over a week or two 'til you eliminate it. Then start dialing back on the cream 'til you eliminate THAT. Then you're drinking black coffee, which is excellent! EXCELLENT! I am drinking it RIGHT NOW!!!

Foster said...

i too need my daily fix...yes, i need sugar, and i NEED my frappucino...used to be just starbucks, but now i have a substitute -- Costco alternative -- mocha frappe powder which i make EVERY DAY, blended with milk (LOTS) and ice...enough for a few people...and i drink it regardless of the weather...if it is cold inside, i put on a warm coat first...you'd think a young child such as brogan would be alarmed by the LOUD, very LOUD sound of the blender, but no, he has learned to come running towards it, smiling, pointing and yelling "da!!"...yes, i am a horrible parent -- i give him some, in his own cup (don't want to fight over my straw with him)...durwin said giving a baby caffeine is like giving someone crack, so i try to make it now when he sleeps...luckily the blender is music to his ears, so he doesn't wake up!
by the way, they don't sell the stuff in costco from october through march, so i stock up heavily in september...