Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Much Ado about Jammie Pants

So the other night, just as Sean and I were about to go to sleep I started thinking about my jammie pants. They are blue, very cosy and have snowmen on them. Happy snowmen, frolicking in the snow...imagine that...Anyway, I started thinking about how cozy my pants were and how it was kind of odd that my cosy pants had snowmen on them because when one thinks of cozy they don't usually think of snowmen...So I voiced this deep thought to Sean and he said that perhaps the pants were meant to mean that much like the snowmen, I am comfortable. The snowmen are comfy in the snow and I am comfy in my pants. However, I pointed out that snowmen are cold so really, cozy and cold don't always go together, at least not where jammie pants are concerened. And so Sean said that maybe they mean that if I was out in the snow with the snowmen and in my snowman jammie pants I would comfortable in the snow because of my cozy pants and therefore be content in the snow, like the snowmen. However, I had to then point out that although my pants are warm for jammie pants, they would not be warm enough for outside and romping with the snowmen. It almost came to fisty cuffs (or however that expression goes) and I think we agreed to disagree. I did say though, that if you had snowmen on a pair of snowpants, that you would be much like the snowmen on the pants; comfortable in the snow. And this would be a state where cold and cozy could come together.

Chew on that thought people, it's a thinker...

Until next time,

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