Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Tigger Tale

Hello one and...well...maybe more then one...

It is been a fair while since I last wrote...I have no excuse other then laziness is sometimes a close, personal friend. Well, it's spring, well, it is in some parts of the world...time to shed the winter coat of "moo-ness" and get on with the blogging!

This entry will be a tale of Tigger. One evening back in January while I was making dinner, Sorcha stormed out of her room to announce that Tigger had been very bad and was on a "time out!". "Why?" I asked. "What did Tigger do?" With her hands on her hips and a look on her face that she could only have learned from me she said "He fell out of bed...on purpose! 4 times Mummy!" "Oh..." I said. "Yes, so I had to put him on a time out, for an hour!" So I went to her room and there he was, sitting on her little purple Ikea stool in a corner feeling looking very slouchy and sorry. I said that an hour was pretty long and Sorcha that it had to be this way because it was craft and drama time for all her other dolls and he was missing out, and this was his punishment. I felt it was harsh, but she disagreed and said that he would be on his time out everyday from 3pm-4pm for 2 weeks, just to make sure he learned. "OK..." I said. "If you're sure this is what he needs." I myself have never put Sorcha on a time out longer then 6 minutes so I wasn't sure where she got this long term time out from. But she was, in her own words "Very angry at him" and felt this was a fair punishment.

So poor Tigger sat on his stool until Sorcha rushed into her room at 4pm and put him back in bed with a stern talking too. The next day I wondered if she would remember her promise of a 2 week time out phase and sure enough, at 3pm, Tigger was back on the stool looking very sorry for himself. The next day, Sorcha wasn't coming home from school right way, but going to her friend Kale's house on the bus. I asked her about Tigger.

"What about Tigger and his time out?"

"Well...maybe you could put him on before you come over to Kale's after work."

"I'm not coming home after work."

"Oh...well, maybe I'll put him on his time out now."

"An all day time out? Seems kind of mean..."

"Oh well...maybe he won't get one today then, but he'll get on tomorrow."

Poor Tigger...but fear not, this tragic tale has a happy ending. I guess he was grateful for the day off from slouching in the corner of Sorcha's room for an hour when he would rather be sleeping in bed (it's so hard on his back you know) and so on the 3rd afternoon after Tigger had committed the horrid sin of "falling out of bed on purpose...4 times" Sorcha announced that his punishment was over because he had apologized. What a tiger that Tigger.

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