Friday, September 19, 2008

A Long Time Coming...

Hello Blog Fan(s?)

I have so much that I could write about, so much that I could gripe about, so much that I could wax about...but I'm not going to. Why? Because at the moment I'm too lazy to do an actual life update with "witty" anecdotes and "clever" prose. So instead you'll be stuck reading, no treated too, (let's be positive shall we?) a song a wrote during a phase of sweet lowness. After the theatre group I'm a part of finished it's first production, I got a bit moo as I like to say. And really, that was to be expected and is very normal for me. If have a high, I eventually have to low and feel very melancholy for a while which is a real treat for those who live with me let me tell you. I honestly use to feel terribly guilty about my highs and lows and would get angry at myself for feeling down. Now I just ride the wave and know it will pass and sometimes while in a low I'm hit with a bout of creativity and I produce something I love and it lifts me out of the well and into the "normal" state of me. Which is still a bit difficult for those lovely people who live with me. Anyway, enough rambling! I give you....

I Gotta Case of You

Mosquitoes flit before my eyes
Nighttime stars begin to glide
Past the moon beyond my sight
To where the heartaches go

Your image burns inside my mind
My heart will heal but not tonight
I'll be fine when the sun does rise
But now...I gotta case of you

I drink with your memory
Scotch whiskey, rye
But when they are empty
My tears won't be dry

Music drifts along the breeze
Songs of love sway with the trees
And you are dancing here with me
Oh when will my heartache go

Your image slips before my eyes
Will my heart heal? No not tonight
I pray to God when the sun does rise
I won't...have a case of you

I say that I hate you
You treat me so bad
But baby your kisses
They drive me so mad

A gentle wind tries to talk to me
Crickets play their symphony
Do they have any sympathy
For how deep my heartache goes

Your image burns inside my eyes
My heart will heal just give it time
When my Lord will that hot sun rise
Tonight...I gotta case of you

You said you would come back
But baby you're gone
I hope you don't come back
Cause we were too wrong

The river carries night away
Full moon's glow begins to fade
Soon I'll see the break of day
But not where the heartaches go

Your image always in my mind
Morning stars now glide on by
Telling me when that sun does rise
I'll still have a case of you

Oh no...I'll still have a bad case...of you

Cindy: "Well there you have it...are there any questions?"

Blog Fan: "Um yes Cindy....where did you get the idea for the song?"

Cindy: "Well, BF, I was listening to a KD Lang album called Hymns of the 49th parallel A LOT and KD's remake of the Joni Mitchel song 'A case of you' kept getting stuck in my head. One day while in the 'dough making zone', and feeling blue, my mind got to wandering and wondering and I thought it would be interesting if one had a 'case' of someone, like they had a sickness and Bob's your uncle, a song was born."

Blog Fan: "Wow that's super keen. Do you have a tune to go with this here song of yours?"

Cindy: "Why yes BF I actually do. It's in the key of E flat minor if you're wondering. And I am featured playing the song on the piano and singing it on 'Sorcha Video 5 for Gramma and Grandad'."

Blog Fan: "Neato! Where can I pick up a copy of that?"

Cindy: "Oh I don't know little BF, it's pretty hard to find..."

Blog Fan: "Awwww....shucks....but but but would you ever sing it in public? You know for kicks?"

Cindy: " day BF, with a little coaxing, some positive reinforcement and A LOT of wine."

Until next time Blog fans I remain yours,

Cinfully Delicious Blogger

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, Love your post and your song. I abolutely love JM's Case of You and never thought of it like that before. You should post "Sorch Video 5 for G & G" on YouTube :). Sorry I ditched you today on the chat, doorbell interruption. BTW - still waiting for the mail.... anyday now. My wish is that my singing with glee will be so load you'll hear me on the East Coast :)