Monday, November 3, 2008

"Hot" is the new "Cute" apparently...

We moved recently and therefore my daughter had to change schools. I'd have to say she's fitting right in...maybe too well. ON THE FIRST DAY at her new school a little girl in her class came up to her and said "That boy over there likes you and thinks you're hot. " "Hot?" I said. "Hot?" My husband just stood there doing this fast blinking thing he does when he's having trouble grasping what he's just learned and has no words. I then said (again) "Hot? You're not hot! You're 7! What happened to cute? You're cute not hot!" I could go on a long tirade about how this is the word that the youngin's these days here in every form of media blah blah blah to describe anyone attractive, but I'll keep it short. Hot is wrong for young's not an innocent's...there are so many more feelings attached to "HOT" then a simple school kid crush...feelings that 7 year olds really shouldn't know about yet. I know kids don't stay young and innocent forever, but I'd like to be for a few years past the age of 7.

And it didn't end on the first day. On the second day she had another boy tell her outright he has a crush on her! And then she tells me that all during her first week a boy at her table "Always interupts me when I'm writing by saying 'I love you'". I'm trying not to be disturbed by these diplays of "love" toward my daugther. They are just kids after all and I know my daughter would never let it go beyond giving a shy smile in return. Plus, I'm a big help as every few days I, out of the blue, turn to her and ask "Do we kiss boys in school?" "No Mummy!" (enter dramatic eye roll here). She's cute...I don't care what anyone says.

Until next time,
Don't be good,


Doug Trevors said...

Ah, yes. Your blog is beginning to sound like mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy!! So happy that Sorcha is fitting in at her new school. So adorable that boys have crushes on her. NOT ADORABLE that they think she's hot!!! I'm with you. :)

Hope you're out from uner your boxes!!! Sharl