Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's a Moose in my Jeans!

It's been a while my dear followers, but fear not, I am back with a posting that is sure to please... or confuse. Either way, it's a new post.

Last week Sean was getting dressed (as he often does, which is a good thing) and said (not for the first time) that he found it amazing how many people wear jeans. As in, you look around when you're out and about and most people are wearing jeans. Some are wearing cheap jeans, some are wearing expensive jeans, some are wearing jeans that look cheap and ruined, but were very expensive...but still, they are wearing jeans. I muttered "yes dear...", or whatever an appropriate response was at time and moved on mentally to another thought. Sean however,
was not done with the jeans topic. He then said " You know, it's funny though, because when my Mom was a kid-" And I cut him off as I knew where he was going next in his jean key. This is how the rest of our conversation went.

"Yes, I know. Only people who worked on the farm or what have you wore jeans...We've talked about this before."

"No...that's not what I was going to say...I was going to say that when my Mom was a kid if you wanted jeans you had to go take them off a moose."

"Really...Moose just walked around in jeans?"

"Yes, and if you wanted jeans, that's how you got them."

"How could you even get jeans off a moose? Wouldn't they run away?"

"Well, they stood around a lot... "

"That would be hard to do wouldn't it, they are pretty big? And the jeans would be huge! You could get a few people in one pair of moose jeans."

And it went down hill from there. Actually we were laughing so hard at the thought of moose in jeans that conversation was rather difficult. Other strains of conversation around Moose Jeans were "Where did the moose get the jeans in the first place?" "What kinds of jeans did the moose wear?" and "Didn't they notice or get upset about people taking their jeans?" I believe the last question was answered thusly. That the key to getting moose out of their jeans was too get them drunk wait, that wasn't it. It was to have one person distract the moose with antics at the front end while another person (or persons more likely...remember, Big Moose, Big Jeans) hauled the jeans off the poor unsuspecting moose at the back end.

I don't know how many of you have obscure conversations that lead to gut wrenching laughter, but I seriously encourage it. You leave trails of happiness and laughter in your wake, or at least in your mind. Conversations like this will make me smile weeks after when I think of them. I'm easily ammused yes, but it's in my genes. (A lot like that moose over there...)

As ever,
Cinfully Silly.

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