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"Defining Love": The Column, Day 4

“Defining Love”: The Column, Day 4

By Ms. Lee, Sponsored By The Ramblin’ Rule
Good-day online community, I have returned with another love quote breakdown.  Remember folks, if there’s a quote you’d like to me shine my insightful light on, just drop it in the comment box and I’ll be happy to see what I can do to take you through the murky water of obscurity and into the twinkling pool of knowledge.
Today, I’d like to look at the quote “If I love you, what business is it of yours”.
This quote can be looked at from a couple of different angles. If you look at in a negative way, you can believe that this person, the speaker of the quote is involved with someone, but wants to withhold very important information that could aid in the progression of the relationship.  Perhaps he is not ready for the level of commitment that often comes with uttering those three loaded words.  He is not ready to look at rings and table settings at Tiffany’s. He knows that if he holds his feelings, close to his chest, this action will guarantee keeping the relationship on a steady incline of “maybe”; a place some people are perfectly comfortable staying at for years.
Or perhaps it’s something more than not having reached the emotional maturity to say “I love you”. Perhaps his is a spy and if he confesses to that someone that he is feeling the love, he may as well hand that person a big list of “why a spy in love is bad for the country.” The spy knows he may have to jet to some foreign land and infiltrate a group of badies who are set on doing something really nasty to the world such as flooding all major department stores with straight to DVD movies that no one will ever buy.  This is pure evil and an evil that he will not be able to vanquish if he has love on his mind.  So, he will remain cold, distant, never confess his love for you and because you are drawn, for some reason , to his brooding, mysterious side, you’ll stay, just in case he opens up to you one day and admits that he has “nothing but love for you.”
Now, let’s look at this quote in a positive light.  If you are friends, really good friends with someone and you love that friend, I mean really LOVE that friend, but you know he doesn’t feel the same way, it’s probably for the best if you never admit these feeling to this friend, never make it his business.  When you let the “big three words” out of the bag, it changes everything and if you share the “I love you” with the good friend who “loves you like a friend…or a like the pet iguana he had a lot of fun with as a child”, things will never be the same. Those three words will hang in the space between you like an awful smell or a giant, dancing elephant you can’t see around.  The friendship most likely wouldn’t survive the “I love you” bombshell and even though you may feel that you should put your heart on the line so that you won’t look back on  this time in 50 years and regret that you never found out if the feelings were mutual, don’t talk about them.   Instead, lock those feelings away and keep the friendship because believe me, no one needs to hear “I love you like I  loved my pet iguana” from anyone.
Of course, these are only my opinions, only the advice of someone who really only exists on paper and is only an expert about love on the stage. You can ignore both views on this quote and confess love to whomever you wish.
However, I still feel compelled to put a twist on the quote to make my breakdown clear. So here it is.
“If I love you, it may be your business, but I may take up a life embroiled in espionage at some point in the next twenty or thirty years (you know, while I still have my health) and therefore I can’t let a pesky thing like love get in the way of potential high action chases on a not fully constructed office tower nor can I risk admitting ‘I love you’ to someone who may only love me as much as he loved his favourite hamster ‘Mr. Biscuits’ so really, it’s none of your business”.
Yes, I like that quote much better.
If you feel my insights are off today, I promise they will be spot on at the Hospice Miramichi Fundraiser on February, 11/12 at 7pm at the Rodd Miramichi River. My friends and I are looking forward to taking you through the love our ages in “Defining Love”: The Play.
I remain as ever,
Ms. Lee

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