Monday, January 23, 2012

“Defining Love”: The Column, Day 8

By Ms. Lee, Sponsored By The Ramblin’ Rule
Hello my dears.  I am back.  I hope you didn’t miss my insights too much in the two days I was absent from your lives. Day 6 and Day 7 passed by in a haze of “so much to do” and I’m afraid I was not able to find the time to put hands to keyboard.
But I must confess the lack of time was not our only enemy, for much like that famous Def Leppard Song “Love Bites” tendonitis in one’s hands does too bite.  And while the words may run almost constantly from my brain to my fingers and wait patiently for the tap of pain to be turned off long enough for me to bring you my quirky views on love to the page, the phrase “You need to rest your hands” uttered by my very kind Occupational Therapist, will flash before my eyes and force me to heed her advice; the column and the words, reluctantly, are set aside for another day. (And she’s right; I really do need to rest my hands more!)
What am I trying to say? I think we all know…I think stalling will only make it worse. As you have probably already guessed from my two day absence, I will have to continue not writing a daily love quote breakdown column for you my dears. Last weekend, in a fit of ambition, I said “Daily! Until the play “Defining Love” debuts at the Rodd Miramichi on February, 11th for the Hospice Miramichi Fundraiser!”  I hate to admit that I spoke too soon, but it is true. I will be unable to do so.
However, this is not the end. I will return when I can, when the hot pain of my thumbs takes a break for a while, and bring you a bit of insight to a few of the world’s most famous love quotes.  In the meantime, if there is a love quote that has been travelling through your brain trying to find itself a meaning, and you’d like some help, just drop it in the comment box of this, or one of my other columns, and much like the love that leaves one, but is meant to be and returns, the comment will find its way to me.
On that note, my patient readers, I would like to end today’s column, with not a famous love quote, but still, a famous quote, one that we all know: “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.
Sweet because the anticipation of returning to you with insight that could change the way you look at love is divine.  And the sorrow, well, sorrow is for the bruise on my soul at the loss of not being able to bring life changing advice to you all as often as I’d like to.  It hurts, more than I can put into words, but not as much as my hands.
Until next time, take solace that my public appearance at “A Taste of Chocolate” will in no way be hindered by the inconvenience of aching limbs.
Hopes to you for a lovely weekend,
Ms. Lee

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