Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nano 2012: Chapter Eleven, Bonus Feature

Hello again Blog Fans!

Three times in one day...I'll bet you're just sick of me!

So, I've uploaded  video to You Tube and it still doesn't believe it exists...well it believes that it exists enough for the link to work, but not enough for me to upload to video to this page. That will come eventually...let's try again just for fun...

 Hey it works! How exciting for you!

For those of you who are not Adam Lambert fans, this song is actually a parody of his song "Sure Fire Winners". To better understand my version, I suggest going to You Tube and looking up Adam's song. I think it will add a deeper level to your experience. Plus, I must let you know that when I purchased the album "For Your Entertainment" Adam's album that has "Sure Fire Winners" on it, Sean, when forced to listen to the song, almost from the first time hearing the song,starting singing "Sure fire Wieners" instead of the actual words. He thought he was being so clever...ha, ha, ha. But now the joke's on him because that funny antic was one the keys that opened the door to the wonder and the marvel that is Top Dog. Lucky you! You can thank or lay the blame for this story and the songs that go with it at Sean's feet.

And now, I'm going to go because frankly I've spent too much time on the computer today.

Until next time, next Wednesday if all goes well, 
I wish you happy reading and a I breathe a sigh of relief that Nano is over for another year!


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